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Equine Training and Behaviour Services

Minds Alike Equine

Equine Training and Behaviour Services


Training should be rewarding for both horse and human. A fun and relaxed learning environment is vital for success. Success also requires good timing, a motivation to learn and try new things and lessons broken down into achievable steps.

Whether trying to teach new exercises, build on what has already been learned or resolve an issue, Laura will encourage you to consider:

  • A marker signal (known as clicker training by most) or an understanding of the removal of pressure to help with your timing and the principles of learning
  • What motivates your horse?
  • What is your horse feeling? Are they relaxed, soft and willing?
  • A clear picture of exactly what it is you would like your horse to do. Without some forethought it is easy to start teaching something and then half way through it becomes apparent to you that you weren’t even aware of the necessary steps needed to reach the end goal, let along your horse understanding this!

A 121 session is 1 hour and is suitable for specific training issues.

Quite often there is a number of issues that need to be worked through in order to improve the overall behaviour and manners of your horse.

These can also be used to to improve your horse’s ground work and manners, teach tricks or ridden movements. Good communication and understanding on the ground is not only great for safety but will also provide you with tools for when things don’t quite go to plan. Using reward based training methods, the horses enjoy themselves as well as you, resulting in an enhanced relationship. Many signals and cues taught from the ground also transfer under saddle resulting in better ridden work.

1 hour 121 training session – £30


Our daily management and ridden activities can put a lot of stress on our horses, and this can often lead to problematic behaviour. Laura approaches horse training and behaviour modification with two main questions:

  • What is the horse feeling?

  • What is my horse learning?

Horses often display behavioural signs such as ears back, tension, licking/chewing, tail swishing and high neck position, evasion, head tossing, stamping and head nudging,: subtle hints that they are not happy with the situation. Ignoring signs of physical or psychological stress can lead to dangerous behaviour such as aggression, bucking, rearing, spinning, bolting and spooking.

Many people make the mistake of dealing with the symptom of the problem (the problematic behaviour) without really understanding the root of the problem, and therefore they cannot possibly resolve the issue fully. By understanding the emotions and motivations for a horse behaving in a certain way, we can realise what we would rather the horse be feeling and learning, and take measures to break training down so this can become a reality.

These may be arranged via veterinary referral only. It is vital your horse is health checked first to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that may be causing or exacerbating the behavioural problem.

Behaviour consultations include:

  • A consultation at your yard lasting 2-3 hours
  • A detailed report summarising the history, explanation of the behaviour problem and treatment plan which will be tailored to the client’s and patients individual needs
  • A written report to yourself and the referring veterinary surgeon
  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support
  • Continued liaison with the veterinary surgeon (if required)

A behaviour consultation is £120

Follow up sessions will most likely be required (£30)

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